Through sales channels spanning multiple business sectors, KVAR ECs® are making a real difference in reducing energy costs in national and international markets. Currently, there are over 300 authorized KVAR Distributors worldwide, and KVAR EC® installations are located throughout North and South America, Central America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. KVAR ECs® can be installed in any residential, commercial or industrial electrical service of 600 volts and below.

The corporate manufacturing plant is located in Daytona Beach, FL and the international manufacturing partners include APC in England and POM in Kuwait. Continued international expansion is expected with other prospective international licensing agreements.  Parties interested in the manufacturing or international expansion of the KVAR Energy Savings, Inc. products should contact KVAR’s Business Development team by emailing and or calling KVAR at 386-767-0048.

KVAR Energy Savings, Inc. has teamed with Advanced Power Components plc, one of the UK’s leading distributors of specialist electronic equipment to help manufacture KVAR products to comply with CE (Conformité Européenne) standards.  APC-Minimise has since been created to take KVAR’s CE rated product, (the imop) to market internationally outside of North and South America, and wherever CE is required.  Contact us for any additional information.

The below company logos represent just a few of our International Distributors and technology partners.  KVAR is represented across the United States by over 50  Factory Trained KVAR Distributors.  Please contact us at 386-767-0048 to find the distributor closest to you.



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 APC - Advanced Power Components



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