The KVAR Estimator Spreadsheet below reflects the effect of the KVAR Energy Controller™ (KVAR EC®) on the Return On Investment (ROI), payback period, of a Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) System, a system that uses sunlight to produce energy. Data was collected from Solar PV vendors that have used our, KVAR Energy Savings, Inc., products in installations to shorten the overall ROI for a system. The information projects an estimated 15% additional savings with a KVAR EC®.

The example below uses a model is based on the end user having about $7800 a year in charges, using about 78,000 kWh. The Solar PV data is based on $4 per watt for a 7.5 kW system with about 7 hours of sunlight per day. In the chart, the $0.10 Price per kWh row is highlighted because the values estimated the end users’ average cost of electricity to be about $0.10 per kilowatt hour.

SolarTableS Return on Investment shown using our KVAR and Solar ROI Tool


Without the KVAR EC®, the Solar PV System has an ROI of about 19.6 years. By adding a KVAR EC® for a few hundred dollars, the ROI can be reduced substantially. In the case above, the projected ROI is reduced from 19.6 years to 11.1 years.

Would you like to bring this kind of value to your customers? An additional benefit is that the KVAR EC® can be added even after the Solar PV project is completed to attain the additional savings. Remember: Your best new customer is your best old customer with a new product!

KVAR and Solar ROI Calculator

KVAR and Solar ROI Calculator

KVAR and Solar ROI Calculator

NOTE: If the Solar PV System already completely eliminates the electric bill of the end user, the Solar PV System will typically produce more electricity with a KVAR EC®.

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