KVAR Cold™ is an inter-metallic restoring compound composed of natural elements that form a permanent bond to metal surfaces, that goes through a highly sophisticated suspension process when introduced in a refrigerant oil base, improving heat transfer in condensers and evaporator coils in air-conditioning, heat pump and refrigeration systems. KVAR Cold™ is produced in four types of refrigeration oils to be compatible with the base oil that is currently used in the existing refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. The treatment process requires the removal of existing refrigerant oil in equal proportion to the amount KVAR Cold™ to be inserted in the system, with the applicator gun.

During the integration period, as the KVAR Cold™ is bonding to the metal, existing oil fouling is removed and a permanent bond of the inter-metallic compound is created on the metal surfaces. As a result, KVAR Cold™ brings the HVAC or refrigerant unit back to original specifications in efficiency, while reducing vibration and sound level (decibels), producing dramatic savings through improved compressor performance and extended operating life. For example, a seven year old chiller or air-conditioner would typically regain at least 16% efficiency.

The KVAR Cold™ compound was tested for its efficacy in the removal of oil-fouling to near design conditions. According to the ASHRAE Handbook, Refrigeration 1998, Chapter 2.9, “Oil fouling of heat transfer surfaces of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems will cause a loss of approximately 7% efficiency the first year, 5% the second year and 2% per year the following years.” Usually, the efficiency degradation peaks somewhere between 20% and 30% and typically always less than 40%.

Testing Standards: KVAR Cold™ products have been extensively tested without issue, in accordance to The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Condition Engineers (ASHRAE) standards for Miscibility, Metal Compatibility and Flock, ANSI/ASHRAE 37-1988 and the American Refrigeration Institue, ARI Standard 340/360-2000. KVAR Cold™ contains no element of the Halogen Group, particularly Chlorine, Flourine, Sulphur and Phosphorous, PTFE (Teflon) or any other particulate and will not contaminate waste oil.

The synergistic benefits of installing both the KVAR Energy Controller (KVAR EC) in conjunction with the Kvar Cold Active Refrigerant System provides multiplicative advantages resulting in an even greater reduction of energy consumption than either device installed on its own.

Through the use of both of these proactive advanced engineering technologies, the result is even greater efficiency in the performance of motors, less energy turned into heat and windage losses, and cooler running and longer-lasting motors that require less maintenance.

The impact of Kvar Cold active refrigerant agent on equipment performance is increased heat transfer capability (thermal conductivity), reduction in the boiling point of the base refrigerant, an increase in the overall efficiency of the heat exchange system, a reduction in compressor run time (by reaching its operating set point quicker), and reduction of electrical energy kWh consumption.

The patented and UL listed KVAR Energy Controller supplies reactive power to inductive electrical equipment, thereby reducing “kilo-Watt-per-hour” energy consumption to between 6% to 25%, with a return-on-investment period typically between less than one-year to 24-months.

Combining these two technologies concurrently has conclusively been shown to lead to significantly decreased equipment operation and maintenance costs, considerably lowered energy bills, reduced equipment maintenance expenses, minimized equipment down time, and the avoidance of expensive equipment replacement costs due to decreased operating life.

For example, for a 10-hp compressor motor installed in 1996, if still in operation with Freon 134 refrigerant and maintained in compliance with the typical OEM maintenance schedule, has lost approximately 34% of its efficiency by 2009. Installation of Kvar Cold intermetallic compound removes oil fouling, lacquer and plaque, and thus reconditions the cooling system by improving thermal heat transfer and operating efficiency, thereby resulting in restoration and optimal operation of cooling equipment. In combination with an KVAR EC installation, increases in overall energy efficiencies of 50% or greater could be achieved within the first few months.

KVAR COLD re-conditions, restores and maintains efficiency in air-conditioners, chillers & refrigeration systems, resulting in the reduction of kWh consumption.

KVAR COLD is an inter-metallic compound that forms a permanent bond to metal surfaces. This action removes oil fouling, changes the thermal nature of the metal and lowers the boiling point of the refrigerant gas, resulting in a more efficient operating system with substantial savings in energy costs.

KVAR COLD forms a protective molecular layer that will NOT change mechanical tolerances.

KVAR COLD contains no elements of the Halogen group, particularly Chlorine, Fluorine, nor Sulfur or Phosphorous. KVAR COLD does NOT contain PTFE (Teflon) or any other particulate.

KVAR COLD will NOT contaminate waste oil.


  • Provides like-new equipment performance.
  • Outstanding anti-friction protection in compressors.
  • Produces substantial energy savings.
  • Reduces maintenance & downtime.
  • Results in quieter running equipment.
  • Does not affect manufacturers warranty.
  • Softens and conditions seals.
  • Reduces oxidation within the system.
  • Substantially protects mechanical parts.



  1. Will the additives settle out?
    KVAR COLD will bond to the metal surfaces inside of the air-conditioning, chiller or refrigeration unit and become one with the metal surfaces. There are no particulates to settle out.
  2. Is KVAR COLD compatible with all refrigerant oils?
  3. Will the protective film affect bearing tolerances?
    KVAR COLD does not affect bearing, ring, or valve tolerances.
  4. Does the additive improve mechanical seal life?
  5. Does the additive affect electric motors?
  6. In what temperature ranges can KVAR COLD be used?
    Minus 50 degrees centigrade to 210 degrees centigrade.
  7. What elastomers can be conditioned?
    Compatible with Nitrile/PVC, Silicone rubber, Nitrile (NBR with min 30% nitrile), Acrylate rubber (ACM), Viton (Fluor rubber), Polyester (AU) and polyether (EU) urethane.
  8. What are KVAR COLDs limitations?
    KVAR COLD does not work in Brine Chiller applications.
  9. Can KVAR COLD be used in different applications?
    Yes, in all types of refrigeration, ice machines, air-conditioning and chillers, except for as stated above in item 8.
  10. Is KVAR COLD similar to those Engine Oil Additives?
    NO. We do not include chemical elements of the Halogen group, particularly chlorine and fluorine, nor sulfur or phosphorous which may combine with hydrogen and form highly undesired (corrosive) acid. KVAR COLD does not contain PTFE (Teflon ) or any other particulates like powdered metal or plastics.
  11. My air-conditioning system doesnt have enough capacity. Will KVAR COLD help?
    If your air-conditioning is under-sized, KVAR COLD will not help that problem. If the air-conditioning system is not performing because of age and oil fouling, KVAR COLD will definately bring the system back to near new efficiency.
  12. If I have a compressor burnout, how will this affect my installation?
    A compressor burn out leaves oil fouling in the system and KVAR COLD will clean up the condenser and improve the performance of the new compressor. I will also help prevent future burn outs, excepts for gas leaks that may cause a compressor failure.
  13. When KVAR COLD is installed, will I see immediate results?
    KVAR COLD takes 10 to 14 days to see the best results. You will notice that the compressor will run quieter and vibration will be reduced within a few minutes.
  14. If I replace my compressor will I need to re-treat my system?
    We recommend a re-treatment using 50% the amount of the original quantity of KVAR COLD.
  15. Will installation void my existing warranty?
    No. If the manufacture tells you that it will void your warranty, ask them to put it in writing. They will only say, if the manufacture proves that KVAR COLD damages you system they will void your warranty. It has been our experience that most air-conditioning systems we treat are out of warranty.
  16. What is the KVAR COLD Warranty?
    If KVAR COLD caused the equipment failure, we will replace or repair the equipment, backed up by a 4 million dollar liability insurance policy. In over 12,000 installations we have never had an equipment failure.