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Federal wildlife investigators are urging California officials to halt BrightSource Energy’s permit to build a bigger solar thermal power plant. They say that birds are igniting in mid-air when they fly through the current Ivanpah plant’s sun rays, according to an Associated Press report.

Estimates of the number of bird deaths have varied. The AP reported that environmentalist group Center for Biological Diversity says 28,000. BrightSource released a statement on Aug. 19 that said the U.S. Fish and Wildlife’s Office of Law Enforcement was asked to examine the causes of bird mortality at three solar energy facilities in California, including the Ivanpah project. The OLE biologists found that “significant avian mortality is caused by the intense solar flux that produces feather singeing.” Ivanpah did indeed report 321 avian fatalities between January and June 2014, of which 133 were related to solar flux.


The statement went on to say that “when considering the impact our technology has on birds passing through the concentrated sunlight, or solar flux, it is important to keep in mind the leading man-made causes” of bird deaths:

  • An estimated 1.4-3.7 billion birds are killed each year by cats;
  • As many as 980 million birds crash into buildings annually;
  • 174 million birds die from power lines every year;
  • Up to 340 million birds perish from vehicles/roads;
  • Approximately 6.8 million birds die flying into communications towers;
  • As many as one million die annually in oil and gas fluid waste pits; and
  • Up to 330,000 die each year from wind turbines


This issue has put environmentalists and animal rights activists in “rare opposition, because birds are being cooked alive when they fly through the concentrated rays,” a blog from Esquire said.


U.S. Fish and Wildlife officials say they want a death toll for a full year of operation, the AP reported.

See the original report published by Electrical Construction and Maintenance here.

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Less Watts, Inc. Puts Focus on Water and Waste Water Industries http://kvar.com//2014/10/02/less-watts-inc-puts-focus-on-water-and-waste-water-industries/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=less-watts-inc-puts-focus-on-water-and-waste-water-industries http://kvar.com//2014/10/02/less-watts-inc-puts-focus-on-water-and-waste-water-industries/#comments Thu, 02 Oct 2014 15:41:06 +0000 http://kvar.com//?p=1354 Less Watts Inc.

Less Watts Inc.  Motor Reliability & Power Quality Testing

KVAR headquarters recently caught up with Texas distributor, Less Watts, Inc.. and Stephen Hogue, of Less Watts, Inc., to learn more about his company.  Stephen took a few moments to share some info about his company and its relationship with KVAR Energy Savings, Inc.

When did you become an authorized KVAR Distributor?  Since 2007, Less Watts, Inc. has worked with KVAR Energy Savings, Inc. by using their patented equipment and testing process.  While the patented KVAR Energy System has a long history for reducing electrical demand, we quickly realized there is a need for measuring and verifying energy use and costs by discovering faults in a motor system.  Today, Les Watts provides both on-line and off-line testing using state of the art technology to identify existing motor system operating conditions and power quality.  After motor system faults are corrected we design a KVAR Energy Controller for each motor to optimize electrical demand and remove demand penalties.

Where is your business located, and what surrounding market do you service? Less Watts, Inc. is based in Houston, Texas and serves the Water/Wastewater markets.

Briefly tell us about your evaluation process:  Each motor system is comprised of the control panel, motor, drive, and pump, along with the power supply.  In order to recommend the KVAR Energy Controller for motor loads, the total motor system is evaluated in detail, with faults identified.  After the data for the motor system has been collected, we are able to prepare a proposal which includes the installation of the proper KVAR system.  The bottom line is to show why the current motor’s operation is less than optimal, and where the money is being wasted, then we can show the customers where savings can be realized.

What challenges have you faced in the energy efficiency industry?  Our greatest ongoing challenge has been redirecting how decision makers view energy savings and operational efficiency.  Too often the “run-to-break” method has been the method of operation.  The introduction of proven technologies that impact the status quo and how business has been done for many years is clearly viewed as disruptive and a challenge.

How has KVAR Impacted your business?  The introduction of the KVAR Energy Controller has proven to show our customers where initial cost savings can be realized.  By removing the electrical demand penalties added to the monthly utility bill, the purchase of the KVAR Energy Controller System can easily be justified.  Most return on investments (ROI) can be realized within two years and in many cases less than one year.   KVAR Energy Savers have brought about an increased awareness to where cost savings can be realized. 

What are you currently working on? 
One of our current projects involves the upgrade of the existing KVAR Energy Controllers to reflect completed motor system improvements.  As any parts of a motor system are replaced or repaired, there is sometimes the need to adjust the capacitance supplied to meet the new requirements to the power factor.

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Ontario KVAR Distributor Gaining Ground With Government Rebates http://kvar.com//2014/09/03/ontario-kvar-distributor-gaining-ground-with-government-rebates/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=ontario-kvar-distributor-gaining-ground-with-government-rebates http://kvar.com//2014/09/03/ontario-kvar-distributor-gaining-ground-with-government-rebates/#comments Wed, 03 Sep 2014 19:08:35 +0000 http://kvar.com//?p=1346

Distributor Spotlight: Action Fuel & Emission Reduction (AFER, Inc.)

KVAR headquarters recently caught up with distributor Afer, Inc. and Gordon Kaitting, President and CEO of AFER, Inc., Ontario’s busiest KVAR Distributor, to learn more about his company, AFER Inc. Gordon took a few moments to share some info about his company and its relationship with KVAR Energy Savings, Inc.

Where did the concept for Afer Inc. come from? Realizing the need to reduce carbon monoxide, often abbreviated as CO, which is a gas produced by burning fossil fuel making it a silent killer due to having odorless and colorless properties. It is extremely difficult to detect until the body has inhaled a detrimental amount of the gas, and if inhaled in high concentrations, it can be fatal. Carbon monoxide causes tissue damage by blocking the body’s ability to absorb enough oxygen. In fact, poisoning from this gas is one of the leading causes of unintentional death from poison. In 2007 Gordon Thomas Kaitting of Oakville Ontario, Canada and as the inventor achieved a Patent Pending on the Magnetic Hydrocarbon Treatment Device to be applied to all fossil burning devices hoping to ensure safety in the home and business place.  It wasn’t unit shortly after then when he discovered the fuel saving as an extra benefit.

What services and products does Afer Inc. offer? The AFER Fuel Saver and KVAR Hydro Saver are the leading products for Action Fuel & Emission Reduction Inc. or better known as AFER Inc. along with the Water Current Generator, Wind HOG Vertical Axis Motor and soon to come is our new Solar Panels. We install and service all of our products along with full guarantee’s so please have a look at our web site www.aferinc.com and contact us if you have any questions. All products are proudly manufactured in Canada and the United States of America!

When did you start doing business under the company name? Please elaborate if you were already conducting business, when did energy efficiency become a focus? Years before submitting the Provisional Application Patent for reducing Carbon Monoxide in 2007 I was involved with several projects for reducing emissions. During the early 2000′s I worked with many inventors, Scientists and very creative individuals all with the same vision of seeing a cleaner and more efficient future very much as I believe KVAR also does.

Where is your business located, and what surrounding market do you service? Manufacturing of the AFER Fuel Saver along with KVAR and all other warehousing and service’s is located in Oakville Ontario Canada. Today’s accessibility to markets globally is no more difficult than sharing time with your neighbor and for this we are fortunate to live in such a time to be able to assist others with new technology in order to better all of our lives.

How are you marketing the products and services that you offer? AFER works with distributors and agents along with retailers such as Home Hardware in Canada which has over 1,000 stores across Canada and specific market applications.

When did you become a KVAR distributor? A few years ago when introduced to KVAR we had no second thoughts, the marriage of KVAR and AFER was natural. We both have the same motivation of helping our environment along with lowering overhead cost for all types of business. Our largest task is getting the word out to all types of business and applying KVAR & AFER to the proper applications to ensure the maximum benefits.

Any KVAR specific marketing tactics? AFER has been working very hard on having the Ontario Government support AFER and KVAR with the Save On Energy program of refunding KVAR customers up to 50% of the KVAR System, labor and material cost. To date commercial customers are now receiving refunds of which acknowledgement is made as to the importance of KVAR reducing KW along with ensuring longer life to existing motors therefore helping the bottom line. Our challenge is to have every Province in Canada acknowledge what Ontario is doing and follow the same path.

Accomplishments you would like to share? Since the start of introducing KVAR to now our most fulfilled accomplishment is having governmental recognition and receive orders for homes and business without performing tests. Looking at one of our installs at a local pub called Champs (image above) which has many different requirements including 20 bowling lanes realized a savings of over 20% each month for the first 2 months which will realize an ROI around 8 months.

Any upcoming projects where you are applying KVAR? Our local school board of 180 Schools are looking at testing KVAR along with Club Link golf which was installed on August 19,2014 and after a full month of hydro usage, will be going forward with another 45 locations in Canada and then into the USA. We are also having success with restaurants with KVAR and AFER fuel savers reducing fixed costs to enable money to be spent in other areas to enhance the business.

Here are just a few of AFER Inc.’s clients:

Montana’s Cookhouse


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KVAR Featured on scnow.com’s “Living Green” Segment http://kvar.com//2014/07/24/kvar-featured-on-scnow-coms-living-green-segment/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=kvar-featured-on-scnow-coms-living-green-segment http://kvar.com//2014/07/24/kvar-featured-on-scnow-coms-living-green-segment/#comments Thu, 24 Jul 2014 16:47:16 +0000 http://kvar.com//?p=1343 Living Green: KVAR energy controller

Lindsay Milbourne | Updated Dec 31, 2012

“I use a compressor all the time, its always running,” says Michael Bissell of Garden City.

Michael Bissell stays busy doing lots of woodworking projects around the house. But he says his utility bill is paying for it.

“It just draws a lot, and you know throws the bill up. But I like to do, when I get home and relax,” he says.

Bissell’s power tools all have motors, just like household appliances like a washer and dryer. All of these motors produce heat or wasted energy, which in turn equals a higher utility bill.

“If most of my energy was going through motors, then that’s what I needed to look at,” says Bissell.

To cope with his over two hundred dollar a month electric bill, Bissell purchased an electric saving device called a KVAR energy controller. The device helps eliminate wasted energy given of by motors that is normally fed back to utility company capacitors.

“What we do is we stop that power from going back out from the utility company and store it in your own home. So you’re recycling your own power instead of paying for twice as you’re doing now without a capacitor stored in your home,’ says David Blackburn of Think Green Energy Savers.

The KVAR box stores and also regulates electricity.

“By making the motors run more efficient, cooler, and making them last longer,” says David Blackburn of Think Green Energy Savers.

“My water heater alone is 18 years old. They normally don’t last that long so if I can make anything last longer or work better, it’s all the better for my bill,” says Michael Bissell.

After having the KVAR device for only one month, Bissell’s Utility Bill was lowered by about fifteen percent. After five months, Bissell’s bill went down twenty percent, something he says he can’t complain about.

“Who wouldn’t think saving money is perfect,” says Bissell.

The KVAR energy saving device costs about five hundred and fifty dollars. It can take anywhere from about eight to fourteen months to pay for it, depending on how much energy your home consumes. Commercial businesses can also benefit from it.


Regard the original article here.


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Distributor Spotlight: JBK Electric, “A Revolution in Energy Efficiency” http://kvar.com//2014/07/09/distributor-spotlight-jbk-electric-a-revolution-in-energy-efficiency/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=distributor-spotlight-jbk-electric-a-revolution-in-energy-efficiency http://kvar.com//2014/07/09/distributor-spotlight-jbk-electric-a-revolution-in-energy-efficiency/#comments Wed, 09 Jul 2014 13:44:34 +0000 http://kvar.com//?p=1321 Distributor Spotlight: JBK  Electric, “A Revolution in Energy Efficiency”

KVAR headquarters recently caught up with new distributor J.R. Ketter to learn more about his company, JBK Electric.  Ketter was traveling near Midland, Texas on a trip to introduce KVAR to the oil field industry when we spoke with him last week.  He took a few moments to share some info about his new company and its relationship with KVAR Energy Savings, Inc.

Where did the concept for the company originate?

In 2011 we formed JBK Electric, LLC in the state of Texas.  JBK Electric is named after my son Jackson Burke Ketter.

What services and products does your company offer?

We are Division 16 in the state of Texas which falls under the scope of electrical contracting.  As of 2014 we are focusing on energy efficiency while partnering with KVAR Energy Savings, Inc.  We also offer infrared scanning for electrical systems.

When did you start doing business under your current company name?

January 11th, 2011

Where are you located and what is your market?

Central Texas and we service the following sectors: Residential, commercial, oilfield and industrial.  We currently service South Austin, Dripping Springs, Buda, Kyle, San Marcos, New Braunsfels, Wimberley and the surrounding regions.

How are you marketing the products and services that you offer?

We have recently spent lot of time and efforts on our website and (Google) Adwords. Word of mouth has generated many future meetings and prospective companies lined up.

When did you become a KVAR distributor?

In 2014 we officially became a distributor.

What is your approach to marketing KVAR?

When you sell a quality product and service, it sells itself. There is no magic sauce, simply honesty and hard work.

Learn more about JBK Electric by visiting their website www.jbkelectric.com

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KVAR Scam -Fraud Alert http://kvar.com//2014/07/02/kvar-scam-fraud-alert/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=kvar-scam-fraud-alert http://kvar.com//2014/07/02/kvar-scam-fraud-alert/#comments Wed, 02 Jul 2014 19:59:52 +0000 http://kvar.com//?p=1314 Please be advised that fraudulent companies are selling dangerous imitation KVAR Energy Controllers.  We have undertaken this socially responsible campaign to ensure that consumers’ safety and livelihood are maintained.

KVAR Energy Controllers (KVAR ECs®) are made with pride in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA.  Additionally, KVAR Energy Savings, Inc. does have a technology partner in the UK, where KVAR Technology is built to CE (Conformité Européenne) standards.

Before you spend your hard earned dollars investing in a KVAR Energy Controller, we urge you to verify the authenticity of the device.  KVAR Energy Controllers are UL Listed, CSA Certified, RoHS Compliant, and NOM certified.  If for any reason you suspect you might be dealing with a counterfeit device, please contact our office at 386-767-0048, or customerservice@kvar.com for verification and review.

Unfortunately there are companies taking advantage of consumers and defrauding them with imitation KVAR energy savings devices.    Here are just a few examples:

KVAR Scam Alert Made In Sri Lanka

Buyer Beware of Fraudulent KVAR Energy Controllers

Residential Power Factor Scam Device KVAR EC Clone


Our power factor optimization products save energy for utility customers.  They also reduce demand on the electric grid, much to the benefit of electric utilities that have adopted pro-active energy efficiency programs and a socially responsible environmental approach.

Imagine having a cloned energy saver that starts a fire in your home and the fire inspector determines that this product did not have the required Underwriter Laboratory Listing. Your insurance company may not pay for the ensuing damages. Your family could be left in an difficult situation because you were sold a poorly fabricated clone of the original KVAR Energy Controller.


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