Less Watts Inc.

Less Watts Inc.  Motor Reliability & Power Quality Testing

KVAR headquarters recently caught up with Texas distributor, Less Watts, Inc.. and Stephen Hogue, of Less Watts, Inc., to learn more about his company.  Stephen took a few moments to share some info about his company and its relationship with KVAR Energy Savings, Inc.

When did you become an authorized KVAR Distributor?  Since 2007, Less Watts, Inc. has worked with KVAR Energy Savings, Inc. by using their patented equipment and testing process.  While the patented KVAR Energy System has a long history for reducing electrical demand, we quickly realized there is a need for measuring and verifying energy use and costs by discovering faults in a motor system.  Today, Les Watts provides both on-line and off-line testing using state of the art technology to identify existing motor system operating conditions and power quality.  After motor system faults are corrected we design a KVAR Energy Controller for each motor to optimize electrical demand and remove demand penalties.

Where is your business located, and what surrounding market do you service? Less Watts, Inc. is based in Houston, Texas and serves the Water/Wastewater markets.

Briefly tell us about your evaluation process:  Each motor system is comprised of the control panel, motor, drive, and pump, along with the power supply.  In order to recommend the KVAR Energy Controller for motor loads, the total motor system is evaluated in detail, with faults identified.  After the data for the motor system has been collected, we are able to prepare a proposal which includes the installation of the proper KVAR system.  The bottom line is to show why the current motor’s operation is less than optimal, and where the money is being wasted, then we can show the customers where savings can be realized.

What challenges have you faced in the energy efficiency industry?  Our greatest ongoing challenge has been redirecting how decision makers view energy savings and operational efficiency.  Too often the “run-to-break” method has been the method of operation.  The introduction of proven technologies that impact the status quo and how business has been done for many years is clearly viewed as disruptive and a challenge.

How has KVAR Impacted your business?  The introduction of the KVAR Energy Controller has proven to show our customers where initial cost savings can be realized.  By removing the electrical demand penalties added to the monthly utility bill, the purchase of the KVAR Energy Controller System can easily be justified.  Most return on investments (ROI) can be realized within two years and in many cases less than one year.   KVAR Energy Savers have brought about an increased awareness to where cost savings can be realized. 

What are you currently working on? 
One of our current projects involves the upgrade of the existing KVAR Energy Controllers to reflect completed motor system improvements.  As any parts of a motor system are replaced or repaired, there is sometimes the need to adjust the capacitance supplied to meet the new requirements to the power factor.